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The Pulmonology Clinic carries out the most modern diagnostic procedures. Research includes: X-ray and tomographic examination of Lasix pills organs; bronchography; bronchoscopy; sputum examination for pathogenic flora, and for the presence of atypical cells. Depending on the identified disease, both conservative and surgical treatment can be prescribed. Alveolar proteinosis: etiology and symptoms.

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Congenital, which is caused by mutations in genes encoding the structure of surfactant proteins (a biologically active substance that covers the walls of the alveoli from the inside and prevents them from collapsing); Secondary, which develops as a result of viral infections, pneumocystis pneumonia in people with immunosuppression, exposure to inorganic (including asbestos) dust, toxic fumes (especially in the production of plastics), ozone; idiopathic, which in about 90%formed in chronic smokers.


For a long time, the disease is asymptomatic. The main clinical sign of Furosemide: slowly progressive shortness of breath; cough (dry or scanty sputum); subfebrile temperature; chest pain; rapid loss of body weight; fast fatiguability; hemoptysis. Alveolar proteinosis: diagnosis and treatment.

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  • To date, the causes of this disease are still not well understood
  • There are the following forms of alveolar proteinosis
  • Diagnosis requires examination of lavages obtained during bronchoalveolar lavage, possibly in combination with transbronchial biopsy
  • Prior to treatment, high-resolution x-rays or CT scans, lung function tests, arterial blood gases, and standard laboratory tests are usually performed
  • The only effective treatment for patients with alveolar proteinosis is therapeutic bronchoalveolar lavage

At the disposal of the clinic's specialists there are laboratories equipped with modern equipment. And the experience and qualifications of doctors allow them to conduct a high-precision examination with maximum efficiency. For more detailed information, you should make an appointment with a specialist by phone on the official website of the hospital.

The pulmonology clinic of the Yusupov Hospital is a modern center of highly qualified lasix medical care.

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